Specialized program for car services

The program keeps records of your partners (clients) and their vehicles. From the program you can write and print invoices and work orders. The program remembers invoices, work orders as well as all repairs you have made. Later, if necessary, for example, if there is a complaint, you can very quickly find the desired account and check the repairs made.


With the help of the program, you can easily and efficiently enter the date for the repair, service, record how long the repair will take. The program remembers all the terms that are entered and archives them, so you have an insight into the schedule. You enter the appointment quickly, efficiently and the whole team of people can predict the schedule of works in the service at the same time.


With our program, you can quickly and efficiently issue an invoice to a customer who has the option of choosing the vehicle to which it refers. With one click you can easily indicate that the invoice has been paid and you always have an insight into the number of unpaid invoices. When opening a new invoice, you can enter your costs incurred in troubleshooting the vehicle and the program calculates based on how much you earned on the invoice issued.

Invoice Appearance

The invoice contains all the necessary elements to be valid. Memorandum of the company, data on the client, data on the vehicle to which the invoice refers, parts / services, date of issue, currency of payment. Creating an invoice takes just a few seconds and invoices can be printed.

Quick overview of work orders

This part of the program serves you to quickly and efficiently see the whole team of people in your service station as the current state of the vehicle in the service station. When a client calls you quickly, you can check the current condition of each vehicle from the office without asking the service so that each employee can change the status, which in practice means that when the service starts work on the vehicle, simply change the status to indicate the status of the vehicle ( reception, inspection, waiting for parts, repair in progress, repair completed, vehicle taken over)

Work order

The work order has all the necessary elements so that every employee can start repairing the vehicle. On the work order, there is the possibility of plotting the damage to the vehicle during collection, a note from the customer, the current state of fuel and mileage, the necessary parts needed to repair the vehicle. You can print orders and after closing the account only the administrator, ie the Service Owner (You) have the option of unlocking and deleting the account archive.

The program is made in CLOUD technology

The program is made in CLOUD technology

All your data is stored in the data center, and if your computer breaks down, you do not lose the data. The program is not tied to your computer's operating system but to the WEB platform, which means you can access the program from Windows, Linux, Mackintosh, Debian and Android operating systems. Multiple users can use the program from different locations at the same time and there is no need for data synchronization.


The program is currently available in the following languages / scripts

  • English
  • German
  • Serbian
  • Serbian Cyrillic
  • Bosnian
  • Bosnian
  • Croatian


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